Our approach

We believe that partnerships should be build on a solid foundation,  a performance based scope of work and transparent monitoring tools . That is why we have developed a multi step approach to ensure that we can deliver deals to our clients.

Step 1 - Potential partnership assessment

We understand that for clients to outsource valuable sales activities to us as an external party requires a strong level of trust. Equally, for us it is  important  to ensure that the products and services we sell are of the highest standards. To ensure that both parties work according to the highest service levels, we invest significant time and resources in each initial partnership assessment.

In our partnership assessment we perform a mutual deep dive into your companies commercial proposition and processes. We want to get an in depth understanding of your product roadmap, market positioning and commercial potential. Of course we will also share additional information about our commercial model and operations processes.

The outcome of step 1 is the mutual decision whether or not there is a strong foundation to build upon.

Step 2 - Commercial proposal

Based upon the successful completion of Step 1, SaaS.travel will use the collected information to produce a tailor made commercial proposal

This document will outline in which markets we can provide our Sales as a Service. Of course we will also describe the performance based costs associated with achieving the agreed objectives.

Step 3 - Preparing for success

Our efficient sales machine is powered by the right tools and processes. 
  • New client will be connected to these tools so that they can collect and track all sales activities in real time. 
  • We use a 'wiki alike' knowledge base for our travel industry professionals to use whilst hunting and negotiating deals.
  • We will organise training sessions for our sales experts to be briefed by your commercial team.
  • Clear objectives and 'rules of engagement' will be agreed upon to ensure complete synchronisation with your own sales approach.

Step 4 - Start selling

Watch the power of our network at work for you. 
  • We will support and manage your assigned sales experts.
  • All sales activities are registered for your reference.
  • In each of the assigned markets, the right people will be contacted. 

Step 5 - after sales

Our sales support doesn't stop after getting the signature. We are committed at ensuring a smooth onboarding whilst efficiently transferring all new account details to your own account management team. 

Additional ongoing account management or language support is available upon request.

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