About us.

SaaS.travel was founded in 2021 on the foundation of +50 years in collective travel industry experience gained by a dynamic group of senior professionals. 

Fronting the SaaS.travel collective of commercial executives is CEO and Founder Freek Veldman. With +17 years of experience with working for large and small travel businesses as well as having had his own travel tech company for 8 years, Freek has acquired a deep understanding of the travel trade. 

The SaaS.travel team consists of a highly valued group of senior travel industry professionals who help bring valuable travel tech solutions and services to their travel trade network.

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About Us SaaS.travel

A selection of the SaaS.travel Associates.

Supporting our senior professionals SaaS.travel also has a team of Business Support staff.

As a collective SaaS.travel is dedicated to establishing valuable commercial relationships between travel technology providers and the travel industry users.